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Asian Teen Phone Sex

Asian-schoolgirlsAlthough I love being an Asian phone sex girl, some of my friends were teenage models and I was always so jealous. Asian models aren’t in big demand and I really wanted to be teen model like them!

I was so surprised when this guy approached me one day at the beach and said he wanted to shoot some free modeling photos of me in his studio. He said to keep it a secret because he normally charged hundreds of dollars to shoot teen model pics.

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait and caught a bus to his studio the very next day. He had an large photography studio with lots of  different settings.

First he had me put on  sexy lingerie along with sexy high heels and pose on the bed in the bedroom set while he clicked away.

Then he wanted to shoot me in a naughty schoolgirl outfit for some ageplay teen shots.  After he shot a few schoolgirl upskirt pics, he got a little rude and told me just because I didn’t have to pay for the modeling photos, I would have to do something to pay him for his time. I had no idea what he meant until he grabbed me.

He bend me over the school desk on the classroom set, pulled up my plaid skirt and tore off my white teen panties. Then he just shoved his whole hard cock into my tight virgin teen pussy.

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I couldn’t wait to tell my friends they weren’t the only teenage models at our school and that I was no longer just an Asian phone sex girl!

Kim Ling
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Naughty Babysitter Phone Sex

hot babysitter, puffy nipples, strip teaseNaughty babysitter phone sex girls always have the best stories to tell, because we get in the most trouble!

Guess what the hot babysitter found at your house?  The nanny cam!

Is Daddy a voyeur? Do you get off watching high school babysitters while they are unaware?

Hmm – you know babysitting is kind of boring anyway. Maybe I should really give you something to look at.

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I bet you’ll have your hard dick out by the time I start fingering my little bald pussy. *giggles*

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Age play phone sex allows you to be as dirty as you want, and play out all your underage sex and little girl fuck fantasies.

You always stare at me and call me your little lolita. You’ve been wanting a teen fuck for a long time now. That’s why you ask me to show you my small tits. Why you whimper when I spread my teen legs , letting you see my young pussy. Why you beg me to roll over, revealing my perfect ass.

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I love having this power over you. I can’t resist using it to get whatever I want. I’m such a little cock tease! But then, who knows? I might eventually give in and let you have what you want most and become your little girl fuck. This little teen loves ageplay phone sex.

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hot teen, wet cunt, spread pussyI can’t think of a better way to start the morning than with a sexy phone fuck. You have that hard morning wood.  Why not have fun with it and enjoy some hot teen phone sex?

Maybe you’re an afternoon man.  Do you crave something nasty to wake you up around lunchtime?  Incest phone sex is so much sweeter than a candy bar from the vending machine. *smiles*

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Teen Anal Phone Sex


What is it about anal phone sex that guys like so much? Is it because it is considered taboo phone sex, or does it just feel so much better to the guy – or to the girl – or both?

The guy next door offered me money if I would show him my teen ass and let him take a few pictures. Since I had already blown through my whole week’s allowance, I agreed.

He seemed really surprised that I took him up on the offer, but didn’t waste anytime pulling out his camera while I stripped. I’m sure there’s all kinds of anal porn on the internet, with girls spreading their teen asshole, but I wasn’t going to point that out to him! *giggle*

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Who knows; someday I might even give anal a try! But for now, I’m totally open to teen anal phone sex and find the idea of it to be so hot!;)

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little-girl-sexSometimes my age play phone sex callers remind me a lot of my daddy. He loved playing with his little girl fuck too! *giggle*

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